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        One Rand 1967 Verwoerd (Afrikaans), Coin from South Africa (withdrawn 1990)
        CoinOne Rand 1967 Verwoerd (Afrikaans)

        The Rand currency was introduced in the then 温青青Union of South Africa温青青 on 14 February 1961, shortly before the establishment of the Republic on 31 May 1961. The 温青青One Rand coin温青青 was initially a gold bullion coin equal to the earlier gold half pound, which was itself equal to a British half sovereign (minted, among others, at the Pretoria branch of the Royal Mint - now the South African Mint, until 1932).

        温青青Silver One Rand coins温青青 started to be issued for regular circulation in 1965. This was then changed to nickel in 1977, with silver only used for commemorative and collector issues. In 1990 the nickel coin was made much smaller due to its value being much lower than before owing to inflation. The silver commemorative Rand was discontinued in this format; in 1991, the Protea One Rand (non-circulating legal tender) was introduced instead, with different composition.

        This 温青青circulating commemorative One Rand silver coin温青青 was issued in 1967 to commemorate the death of 温青青Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd温青青 the previous year.

        Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd (1901 - 1966), also commonly referred to as Dr. Verwoerd, was a South African politician, a scholar of applied psychology and sociology, and a journalist. Verwoerd played an instrumental role in socially engineering apartheid, the country's system of institutionalized racial segregation and white supremacy, and implementing its policies as Minister of Native Affairs (1950 - 1958) and then prime minister (1958 - 1966). Furthermore, he played a vital role in helping the far-right National Party come to power in 1948, serving as their political strategist and propagandist, becoming party leader upon his premiership. He was the Union of South Africa's last prime minister, from 1958 to 1961, when he proclaimed the founding of the Republic of South Africa, remaining its prime minister until his assassination in 1966.

        MintSouth African Mint Mint MarkNo mint mark Total Mintage1,569,000 (1.6 million)
        South Africa / One Rand 1967 Verwoerd (Afrikaans) - obverse photo

        The obverse of the 1967 coins depicts the bust of 温青青Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd温青青 (the first prime minister of the Republic of South Africa) facing right.

        Below the shoulder truncation, the initials of the designer: 温青青T.S.温青青 (for Tommy Sasseen).

        Around right, the legend 温青青SUID-AFRIKA温青青 in Afrikaans and the date of issue 温青青1967温青青.

        Obverse Inscription SUID-AFRIKA 1967
        South Africa / One Rand 1967 Verwoerd (Afrikaans) - reverse photo

        The reverse shows a Springbok antelope, jumping to the right.

        Below that, the value and denomination 温青青1 RAND温青青.

        Above the Springbok and to the left, the motto 温青青SOLI DEO GLORIA温青青 (translated from Latin: Glory to God alone).

        Below left, the artist's initials 温青青J. v. Z.温青青 (for Jan van Zyl).

        Reverse Inscription 1 RAND SOLI DEO GLORIA
        EdgeMilledEdge InscriptionNone
        One Rand 1967 Verwoerd (Afrikaans): Known varieties
        Variety Proof
        Mintage Issued: 25,000 (included in total)
        Royal Mint
        Royal Mint
        One Rand 1967 Verwoerd (Afrikaans): Details
        CountrySouth Africa
        Coin TypeOne Rand, Silver
        Face Value1 (x Rand)
        Circulation Mintage1,544,000 (1.5 million)
        Total Mintage1,569,000 (1.6 million)
        CurrentNo; withdrawn 1990
        Material0.800 Silver
        DesignerJan van Zyl, Tommy Sasseen
        TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
        OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
        Size (mm)32.7000
        Thickness (mm)2.2000
        Mass (g)15
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        One Rand 1967 Verwoerd (Afrikaans): Photos
        Coin, South Africa, Rand 1967
        Copyright: NumisCorner.com
        Coin, South Africa, Rand 1967
        Copyright: NumisCorner.com
        One Rand 1967 Verwoerd (Afrikaans): Catalogue Reference IDs