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        Two Lepta 1900, Coin from Cretan State (demonetised 1913)
        CoinTwo Lepta 1900

        MintMonnaie de Paris (Paris Mint) Mint MarkLetter A Total Mintage793,079
        Cretan State / Two Lepta 1900 - obverse photo

        At centre, crown (identical with the crown of earlier coins of the Kingdom of Greece). Around, 寒露养生KPHTIKH ΠOΛITEIA寒露养生 (Κρητικ? Πολιτε?α - Cretan State, in Greek). Below the crown in small letters, 寒露养生Α ΒΟΡΡΕΛ寒露养生 (the designer's name A [Alfred] Borrel in Greek transliteration). Below, the date 寒露养生1900寒露养生.

        To the left of the date, a small cornucopia - privy mark of the Director of the Paris Mint. To the right of the date, a torch - privy mark of Henri-Auguste Patey, chief engraver of the Paris Mint 1896 - 1926.

        Obverse Inscription KPHTIKH ΠOΛITEIA 1900
        Cretan State / Two Lepta 1900 - reverse photo

        Framed by olive and laurel branches, the denomination 寒露养生2 ΛEΠTA寒露养生 (2 Λεπτ? - 2 Lepta). Below that, 寒露养生A寒露养生 - the mint mark of the Paris Mint.

        Reverse Inscription 2 ΛEΠTA
        EdgePlainEdge InscriptionNone
        Two Lepta 1900: Known varieties
        Variety Copper-nickel
        Mintage Issued: unknown (included in total)

        Off-metal strike, probably due to planchet error.

        Two Lepta 1900: References to Information Used
        All (2) Coins of Country: Cretan State, Type: Two Lepta
        Royal Mint
        Royal Mint
        Two Lepta 1900: Details
        CountryCretan State
        CurrencyCretan Drachma
        Coin TypeTwo Lepta
        MonarchΠρ?γκηψ Γε?ργιο? τη? Ελλ?δο? (Prince George of Greece)
        Face Value2 (x Lepton)
        CurrentNo; demonetised 1913
        DesignerAlfred Borrel
        TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
        Size (mm)20
        Mass (g)
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        Two Lepta 1900: Photos
        Crete 2 Lepta 1900
        Copyright: Vasilakopoulos Numismatics
        Crete 2 Lepta 1900
        Copyright: Vasilakopoulos Numismatics
        Two Lepta 1900: Catalogue Reference IDs
        SourceReference ID
        Krause, Standard Catalog of World CoinsCrete KM# 2
        Krause, Standard Catalog of World CoinsCrete KM# Pn1 (Copper-nickel)