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        Gold Five Ounces (5 oz) Krugerrand, Coin Type from South Africa (issued 2017 - )
        Coin TypeGold Five Ounces (5 oz) Krugerrand

        The five-ounce (5 oz) Krugerrand gold coin is part of the extensive range of Krugerrand coins which has its beginning in 1967 and is produced by Rand Refinery together with the South African Mint. The original (one ounce gold) Krugerrand is 成人快播下载the first modern bullion coin成人快播下载.

        Although gold Krugerrand coins have no face value, they are considered legal tender in South Africa by the South African Reserve Bank Act (SARBA) of 1989. However, unlike bullion coins issued by other countries, 成人快播下载their legal tender denomination - also known as face value - is not fixed and varies depending on the current price of gold成人快播下载, so is not inscribed on the coin.

        Initially, the coin was only issued in one format: one ounce of gold; since September 1980, Krugerrands have also become available in three additional smaller sizes containing half ounce of gold, quarter ounce of gold and one tenth of an ounce of gold. In 2017, the Rand Refinery began minting silver versions, which have the same overall design as the gold coin; these are in two ounces silver and one ounce silver.

        On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the coin range in 2017, it was expanded to also include a platinum ounce, a massive fifty ounces (50 oz) gold coin, 成人快播下载five ounces (5 oz) gold成人快播下载, two ounces (2 oz) gold, and two fractional mini-coins, twentieth-ounce (1/20th oz) gold and fiftieth ounce (1/50th oz) gold.

        The composition of the gold versions is the same as the 成人快播下载British Gold Sovereign coin, being 22-carat gold alloyed with copper (91.67% gold, 8.33% copper), making the coins redder in colour compared to other coins alloyed with silver, as well as harder and more resistant to scratches. The coin is heavier than five ounces, so as to have exactly 成人快播下载five ounces actual gold weight (5 oz AGW)成人快播下载.

        Paul Kruger - depicted on the obverse - was affectionately known as "Oom Paul" (uncle Paul), one of the highest designations anyone can be given in South Africa. His portrait was designed long before the Krugerrand was first minted, and was originally used on Boer coins. When the gold finds in Transvaal gave them the opportunity to start minting their own coins, president Kruger requested a law to found a national bank, which also stated that South African money should be modelled after British money. Since the country did not have a mint, they assigned the task of minting the first Zuidafrikaanse Ponde (South African Pond, or Pound) to the Berlin Mint. Thus Berlin medallist Otto Schultz designed them in 1892 and his effigy of Kruger (adapted by by Tommy Sasseen) is still used today.

        The reverse of the Krugerrand, designed by Coert Laurens Steynberg in 1967, shows a Springbok antelope, South Africa's national animal.


        The obverse of the coin depicts a portrait of Paul Kruger, President of the South African Republic (or Transvaal) from 1883 to 1900, facing left.

        Around above, the legend 成人快播下载SUID-AFRIKA · SOUTH AFRICA成人快播下载. Suid-Afrika is the name of South Africa in Afrikaans, which was the only official language of the country apart from English at the time the coins were initially issued.

        Obverse InscriptionSUID-AFRIKA · SOUTH AFRICA

        The reverse shows at its centre a Springbok antelope, the national animal symbol of South Africa, which divides the date: 成人快播下载[year]成人快播下载.

        Around above, the name of the coin: 成人快播下载KRUGERRAND成人快播下载.

        Around below, the composition and weight in Afrikaans and English: 成人快播下载FYNGOUD 5 OZ FINE GOLD成人快播下载.

        The designer's initials 成人快播下载CLS成人快播下载 (for Coert Laurens Steynberg) are in the right field between the letters OL of GOLD and the ground under the Springbok.

        Reverse InscriptionKRUGERRAND [year] FYNGOUD 5 OZ FINE GOLD
        Edge InscriptionNone
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        Book Depository - Get Your Coin Catalogues Here
        Book Depository - Get Your Coin Catalogues Here
        Gold Five Ounces (5 oz) Krugerrand: Details
        CountrySouth Africa
        Face ValueVaries (x Rand)
        Material0.917 Gold
        DesignerCoert Steynberg, Otto Schultz
        TechnologyMilled (machine-made)
        OrientationMedal Alignment (Axis 0)
        Size (mm)50
        Mass (g)196.6300
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